Companion Dogs

“A dog wags its tail with its heart” – Martin Buxbaum

Many of us simply want a dog that walks without pulling on a lead, comes back when called and is a pleasure to own both at home and in public. It sounds so easy and achievable! It is as long as we are consistent, set off on the right foot, understand our canines quirks and vulnerabilities, consider and respond to our environments both domestic and outside.

Some people like to measure their competency with their dogs (for example, Rally or Good Citizen Dog Scheme), others may want to pursue activities such as Flyball, Agility, Gundogs, Treibbal, etc., or maybe you just want your dog to be a well-mannered, sociable member of the family.

I will teach you to train your dog by equipping you with the foundation skills, training methods and ideas that will enable you to take your doggy ambitions wherever you want to go.

Training Walks

Training walks are available to individuals or small groups (max 4) where we will walk and train our dogs. Dogs need to learn to perform behaviours like loose lead walking, sit, stay and recall in many different types of environment before these cues can be said to be reliable. These walks give you the opportunity to work on these cues under various levels of distraction and teach you how to “read your walk” to avoid potential problems.