Behaviour Advice

Behaviour problems are not always as bad as they seem although at the time it might feel pretty awful! Following a full assessment, I will help you rebuild your relationship with your dog and help you to understand what lies behind many unwanted behaviours. A programme of training and sometimes desensitisation and counter-conditioning can then be implemented to assist in overcoming these problems. Behaviour consultations offer a common sense and practical approach to successfully resolve such problems as:

  • housetraining
  • jumping up
  • inappropriate barking
  • separation anxiety
  • fears/phobias/nervousness/stress
  • travel sickness
  • attention seeking
  • mouthing/chewing
  • exciteability
  • lead reactivity
  • aggression
  • chasing

I have many years of experience with many different types of undesirable dog behaviour. What is of paramount importance when dealing with behavioural problems is to rule out any potential underlying medical conditions. For this reason, I may request that a vet sees your dog prior to my involvement. I regard some behaviour issues to require specialist help and support in which case I have an excellent referral network.