What To Bring

  • Bring a huge number of treats (cut into pea-sized pieces) and a treat bag – I would suggest frankfurters, cheese, ham, chicken, sausages, liver cake, sardine cake, anything that you know your dog likes and is safe for him to eat. You will get through quite a lot so double the quantity you think you will need – any extra can be used for homework!
  • Your dog should wear a flat collar and a clip-on lead up to 6 feet long.
  • Bring a couple of toys that you know your dog likes for example a ball, a tug toy, a soft toy.
  • Bring water, towel and/or dog coat for your dog at the end of the session.
  • Please wear sensible shoes or boots that are waterproof and suitable for uneven/muddy ground. Be prepared for the Great British weather and dress accordingly!
  • Absolutely NO choke/check chains, extendable leads, aversive style harnesses or headcollars are acceptable in these classes. We never use or condone the use of any type of aversive equipment like pet corrector spray, remote collars, discs, rattle bottles, etc.


At Our Training Venue:

  • Please always pick up after your dog and take the bags home as we do not have a disposal facility.
  • Please keep your dog on lead at all times before and after class.
  • Please ensure that your dog’s vaccinations are up to date, that she is not in season, that he/she is not unwell or infirm.
  • Please also ensure that you have declared any problems or struggles that you have with your dog in order that safety and risk can be addressed prior to your class.
  • I adhere to both the APDT’s Code of Practice and the Kennel Club’s KCAI Scheme Code of Practice.
  • I am insured by Cliverton Insurance.