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Environment for LearningWelcome to the latest newsletter from Dog Training Naturally! With the launch of the new website, there have […]


Peel The Onion – Resolving Training Difficulties

Anyone who has trained with me over last ten years will probably, at some stage, have heard me say, “you need to peel back the onion”! We all have our funny little sayings and obviously this is one of my mine when asked about overcoming difficulties or challenges in training. It will probably end up being inscribed on my headstone, ‘here lies Jules, the onion peeler”! But what do I mean by that? I believe that many, not all, training difficulties can be resolved by looking at the foundation behaviour you taught in the first place.


Rewards and Reinforcements

Well it has been a few years in the making but finally here it is …ta-dah! My website!

Why has it taken so long – you may well ask. I have spent the last few years digging very deep into my dog training and behaviour knowledge to really analyse what it is I actually know, what is worth keeping and what needed a good dusting down and a polish! Following many happy years training in West Sussex, I felt that I needed to become a little more scientific in my own understanding of what I am teaching.